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Educational Advancement Centre (EAC) was founded in 1996 to provide an alternative to graduating students from Secondary Schools, who were on the verge of frustration, having been disappointed by the "ALMIGHTY JAMB" Today, the Centre, situated in an excellent location, in a quiet part of Ibadan.

Specifically on Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija Estate is an oasis on a seemingly educational desert. The Centre prides itself of an adequate stock of tutorial materials, excellent Tutors, and caring Coordinators who do not limit their focus to academics, but to the total being of the students.

EAC is built on a tradition of excellence. Nothing short of the best is good enough for EAC. The atmosphere at the Centre is calm, and most conducive for academic. Students are thoroughly grilled to prepare them for the toughest of examinations, not just for the immediate future, but for life. As our main aim is not just to get the students admitted into the University, but to prepare them for success in life, important study skills are imparted into them to improve their private study life and performance in examinations. Student’s attendance and participation are monitored constantly to avoid waning attention and detect distractions. Where it is considered necessary to involve Parents or Guardians of these wards, such is done promptly. Teachers are carefully selected, and continuously groomed with world - class materials, and monitored to get the best out of them. Cordial relationship between the teachers and the students are also nurtured, to ensure that the best is passed across from the teachers EAC is simply the best option! And now, our results speak!

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