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About EAC

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The following rules are binding in ALL EAC Students

  1. Student must ensure proper care of all school properties such as: Doors, louver blade, fans, wall sockets, water closets, walls etc.
  2. No graffiti: the wall must not be defaced
  3. It is mandatory that students attend lectures, this will be checked on daily basis
  4. Absenteeism from classes without permission will attract a stiff penalty
  5. Morning devotion is compulsory for students
  6. Fighting and rough play is totally prohibited
  7. Stealing in any form attracts the penalty of immediate expulsion
  8. Every student is expected to clock in at the gate on entering the school premises and must clock out on leaving at the close of school
  9. Every student who bring in a laptop must register it at the main gate on entering the school premises
  10. No instrument that can be used as a weapon should be brought into the school compound
  11. On no occasion must a student be found smoking or drinking alcohol in the school
  12. Any form of narcotic substance is totally prohibited.

There is an established Act of Discipline which is divided into:



The following are Not Allowed amongst students;

  • Lateness to classes
  • Loitering during class periods
  • Absenteeism/Truancy
  • Noise making in classes or school area
  • Refusal to do assignment
  • Switching on of cell phones during classes
  • Eating/chewing in class
  • Listening to “Walkman” or any audio device in class
  • Watching films during school hours is prohibited
  • Immoral behaviour with the opposite sex
  • Hugging of opposite sex
  • Sitting on the laps of opposite sex
  • Sleeping or lying down on opposite sex
  • Hosting of visitors in classrooms
  • The use of intuitive/abusive languages in derogatory terms
  • Playing of games (indoor & outdoor)
  • Carrying/using a “Walkman” or any audio device.



The following dressing styles are Not Allowed:

  • Mono strap tops
  • Spaghetti strapped tops
  • Bust-fitted tops
  • Tanned tops are not allowed


  • Above the knee length skirt and dresses
  • Belly revealing tops
  • Tight fitting dresses
  • Dresses that expose pants
  • Nofemale student should make a hairstyle either braids or weavons longer than 16 inches.
  • No female student should make any other hairstyle colour aside shades of brown, faded wine and black.
  • No three quarter (3/4) shorts
  • Use of bathroom slippers or palm slippers of any kind
  • Face cap, scarf & earring among male students
  • Bushy hair styles and beard among male students
  • Designed haircuts and beard among male students

Note: Violation of any of the above listed rules (apart from stealing) will attract the punitive/corrective measures recommended by the disciplinary committee.


** Any other act, not included above, that the school deem inappropriate will as well attract due punishment.



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Educational Advancement Centre (EAC) is a non¬governmental organization specializing in the advancement of the SSCE or Ordinary level graduating students, who have a desire to pursue higher education in the University. The Centre has established an enviable reputation for excellence in its curricular and character building in students.

Its teaching methods are borne out of continuous research, adapted to suit the peculiar circumstances of the 20th century teenager, who is plagued with all sorts of dis-incentives and distractions. Moral issues are also taken care of, being aware of the possible frustration of a trained mind in an undisciplined body, with an un-nurtured spirit. Teaching is reinforced with seminar groups, regular examination practice and periodic tutorials.

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May/June 2014 A'Level result is out

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EAC Ibadan

No 45, Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. Phone: 0700EACIBADAN, +234-803-123-1234

EAC Osogbo
Fakunle, Osogbo +234-806-113-4579

EAC Lagos
No 21, Emina Cresent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos. +234-810-442-8892, +234-703-574-4857, +234-806-279-8151

EAC Ilorin
24 Murtala Mohammed Rd., Opp GSS, Moraba Area, ILORIN +234-803-407-5398

EAC Abeokuta
7 Sodubi Rd, Onikolobo +234-803-728-3315, +234-803-395-7174

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  • For Girls - N135,000, Per Semester
  • For Boys - N130,000, Per Semester


hostel 2

  1. Two bed sheets
  2. A Pillow
  3. Two pillow cases
  4. Two plates and cup
  5. A bucket
  6. A towel
  7. A dozen of hangers
  8. A rechargeable lantern
  9. A set of cutlery
  10. Beverages
  11. Toiletry
  12. Mosquito Net


  1. Two bed sheets
  2. A pillow
  3. Two pillow cases
  4. Two plates and cup
  5. A bucket
  6. A towel
  7. A dozen of hangers
  8. A rechargeable lantern
  9. A set of cutlery
  10. Beverages
  11. Toiletry
  12. A mattress
  13. Mosquito Net
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  1. Administration: The administrative staff include the Co-ordinators, Curriculum Managers, Registrar. Student Counselor and other support staff.
  2. Teaching Staff: The teachers are  highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to their work and students; There is a cordial teacher student relationship. Some teachers also act as advisers to mentor students. With these dedicated personnel at the Centre, students are always able to get assistance on any academic or personal   problems   and   their progress closely monitored.
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These are our facilities

  • Classrooms: Conducive learning environment
  • Staff room: Conducive for teachers to relax and prepare for classes.
  • Laboratory: A well equipped laboratory for science practicals.
  • Canteen: A canteen that offers affordable hygienic meals and snacks.
  • Library: A library and reading room have been provided for students wishing to study during and after lectures.
  • Computer Room: The computer Room is fully networked. Students have access to the internet and can use special software for the various subjects offered.
  • Student’s welfare and accommodation: The welfare of the students is of high priority to the management and hostel facilities are available for them. A first aid box is available for minor ailments and special cases reported to the teacher in charge. The school also has a Retainer ship with a Hospital that is next door
Published in About EAC


  • To contribute positively to the development of qualitative education.
  • To equip the Nigerian Youths with requisite education to enable them compete favorably with Youths of other countries in aptitude, attitude and skills.
  • To build a solid foundation for our Youths that will ensure a fore-position for Nigeria in the future committee of Nations.
  • To improve students career prospect by enhancing their qualifications. EAC offers a range of programmes aimed at getting students into the Universities of their choice within and outside the country




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