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Educational Advancement Centre
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Educational Advancement Centre
A library and reading room have been provided for students wishing to study during and after lectures.​
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AYF Fellowship 2024 in Japan | Fully Funded

Japan Paid Opportunity opens the online Applications for AYF Fellowship 2024 in Japan. The Fully Funded AYF fellowship in Japan is an amazing chance to enhance personal and professional growth. The Fellowship is Located in Awaji Island in Japan. The basic aim of the fully funded Fellowship Program in Awaji Island, Japan is to gather brilliant minds on one platform. It’s specially designed for Young People around the globe to professionally work for the global challenges faced by Japan and all over the world. The Duration of the Japanese Paid Fellowship is 9 Months. The selected participants of the Awaji Fellowship 2024 will stay and work on the island and get a chance to enhance their skills in a diverse environment and share their ideas.

Training Workshop for Science Teachers and Principals of Secondary Schools

Oyo State Post Primary Schools Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) in Collaboration with Educational Advancement Centre recently underwent a Training workshop in Strategic leadership for School Transformation and Outstanding Performance and Introducing Excellent into Science Teaching


We are giving away an exclusive special promotion for IELTS which offers you a #20,000 discount by using this promo code “EACIELTSPJ/001 for the IELTS class and Exam from the 6th of June to the 30th of June. Don’t miss out on this great deal!

Educational Advancement Centre (EAC) is the go-to organisation for IELTS exam, A LEVELS exam, SAT exam, O LEVELS remedial exam, JAMB and POST-UTME exam. With over 25 years of experience and 93% success rate of our students, we have been able to make a name for ourselves as one of the best training and A levels tutorial centres and for other post-secondary academic programs.

 We help students who have a desire to pursue higher education in the University either locally or globally achieve their dreams. The Centre has established an enviable reputation for excellence in its curricular and character building in students.

Its teaching methods are borne out of continuous research, adapted to suit the peculiar circumstances of the 20th century teenager, who is plagued with all sorts of dis-incentives and distractions. Moral issues are also taken care of, being aware of the possible frustration of a trained mind in an undisciplined body, with an un-nurtured spirit. Teaching is reinforced with seminar groups, regular examination practice and periodic tutorials.


EAC event calendar is a design pattern to help you select a date. The dates are not presented as a traditional list that a user scrolls through, or as input fields where the user enters numbers, but rather as a visual representation of a monthly EAC event calendar.


Strategic Post-UTME

The Strategic Post-UTME course is a blended learning comprehensive package designed to prepare students for Post-UTME examination into the highly competitive Universities

Advanced Level GCE

This is our oldest Programme, from way back in 1996! EAC is best known for her A’ Level Programme which has churned out almost ten thousand students! With experienced teachers, caring staff and an excellent academic process, EAC is simply the best option for the A’ Level.

Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT)

For students hoping to study in the United States of America, we have a 3 months/4 months SAT preparation programme.

Foreign Admissions Service

We offer a wide range of advisory services from career counseling, exposure to a wide range of choice Colleges and Universities overseas in the U.K, U.S, advice on affordable schools, scholarship opportunities, and many more!

Premedical Foundation Programme

The Pre-Medical Foundation Program is designed to equip students with academic requirements needed to obtain admission to study medicine in;

Remedial O Level

For students hoping to study in the university but who need an improved O’ level result.

Why Educational Advancement Centre (EAC)?


Conducive learning environment

Staff room

Conducive for teachers to relax and prepare for classes.


A well-equipped laboratory for science practicals.

EAC E-library

EAC library has gone digital! EAC offers every student and their family (up to six devices) access to EAC Unlimited, our fantastic e-library.

Computer Room

The computer Room is fully networked. Students have access to the internet and can use special software for the various subjects offered.


A canteen that offers affordable hygienic meals and snacks.


Knowing about EAC restructured my career path, after many JAMB attempts to gain admission to study Medicine or Dentistry. A family friend introduced me to EAC and I had to make a choice between A-level and Pre-degree! Thank God I was convinced to go for A- level and that was the biggest leap. Mr Adebambo

Azeez Hafeez
I got to know about EAC after I was defrauded by someone who promised to help me get admission into the University of Ibadan after the admission window had closed. I got to U.I, found out I was defrauded, told not to be weary as I could enter through direct entry if I did Alevels

Obhahinmejele Efosa.

Information Centre

Post-UTME Registration Form

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

A Level Online Application


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