Why EAC?

Why Educational Advancement Centre (EAC)?


Conducive learning environment

Staff room

Conducive for teachers to relax and prepare for classes.

EAC E-library

EAC library has gone digital! EAC offers every student and their family (up to six devices) access to EAC Unlimited, our fantastic e-library. e believe that everyone should be involved in life-long learning! When you stop learning, you start dying! EAC unlimited gives access to over 30,000 with our Android and iOs app online and offline.

Student’s welfare and accommodation

The welfare of the students is of high priority to the management and hostel facilities are available for them. A first aid box is available for minor ailments and special cases reported to the teacher in charge. The school also has a Retainer ship with a Hospital that is next door

Computer Room

The computer Room is fully networked. Students have access to the internet and can use special software for the various subjects offered.


A well-equipped laboratory for science practicals.


A canteen that offers affordable hygienic meals and snacks.

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