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The Centre

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About the Center

Educational Advancement Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria, was established in 1996 and was one of the earliest Advanced level Schools in Nigeria after the scrapping of the Lower and Upper Sixth form in the former 6-5-2-3 educational system by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Situated in the Academic city of Ibadan, EAC brought the A- Levels back to the South West of Nigeria, a kind of 'revitalization' of the then moribund educational sector.

The School has gained a nationwide reputation for excellence at modest cost and has over 4,000 alumni all over the world, many of them already first class and second class upper honors graduates. About 500 students are currently studying at Educational Advancement Center.


The Centre has helped many children 'find themselves' and achieve success. EAC places emphasis on student's success ensuring that each student reaches their potential. To show commitment to students' success, those who extend their stay or come back for retakes are asked to pay 50% fees.


The Center is located on Awolowo Avenue, old Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria, not far from the nation's premier University, the University of Ibadan. Although the Avenue is fast becoming commercial, it is a portion of the town inhabited by the upper class, the elite of the society, the environment supports academic pursuits.

Competitive Fees

Our fees are considered as many as philanthropic. Our low fees are never at the expense of quality.


We never compromise on quality of teachers. With an average of three teachers per subject with most holding a post-graduate degree, EAC has one of the best student - teacher ratios. Teachers also serve as mentors for the young adults in their chosen subject areas. The Center also organizes refresher training programmes for the teachers to sharpen their teaching skills.


Although students come to EAC primarily for academic purpose, we have observed a link between academic performance and morals. We try to positively impact the complete person, not just the academics.




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