Educational Advancement Centre announces our Foreign Admissions Service!

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Seeking for admission into colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning overseas can be an overwhelming process for many. However, you can take the stress off you by coming over to EAC’s Foreign Admissions Service unit.

We offer a wide range of advisory services from career counseling, exposure to a wide range of choice Colleges and Universities overseas in the U.K, U.S, advice on affordable schools, scholarship opportunities, and many more!

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For further information on EAC’s Foreign Admissions Service, please visit our corporate head office at 45, Awolowo avenue, Bodija, Ibadan. You can also call 0803-123-1234, 0807-755-5207 and send email requests to


‘The Foreign Admissions service is a Godsend to anyone hoping to secure admissions in affordable schools abroad. Mr. Farinre is very approachable and gifted with putting all possible worries and fears aside while remaining goal oriented. Parents will find him especially helpful as he takes on a personal approach with each student and often assumes responsibility of them even in non-academic aspects.’
-Aderinsola Adesida
Truman State University, USA (Economics)
Truman State University Entrance Scholarship Recipient

‘The foreign admission platform is a very effective and a good one.The customer service is superb based on the fact that the welfare of the student over here is always want to be known and the way they help communicate with parents concerning various problem.I will recommend this to a friend 100%’
-Ajibola Oluwaseun Elizabeth
University of Manitoba, Canada (Biochemistry)

‘It was very effective and thorough, The Eac foreign admissions did not just help with my application, they also followed it up, called the school when necessary. In short they made sure I was accepted into the school. And the person that helped with mine (Mr Tayo Farinre) is a very friendly and funny person so, it was easy to work with him’
-Oluwatobiloba Balogun
University of Houston, USA (Civil Engineering)

Mr. Tayo has been more than helpful in securing my admission to the University of Manitoba..
EAC foreign admissions is freindly yet effective and you get more than you pay for because it goes beyond securing admission, the counseling one gets is for life. Moreso they are ever willing to put you through any issues ..That’s why I’ve recommended and will still recommend people to go over and see their distant foreign admissions dreams come true…..cheers.
Babatunde Damilola,
University of Manitoba, Canada (Biochemistry)

‘The truth about EAC is that it is family oriented. All staff work in unison for the interest of the student. This is positively reflected in all departments with the office of the foreign admissions taking it further in breaking and setting new standards. EAC is a place to send ones child to. The support given by the foreign admissions office from securing admissions, to final departure of parents and students is exceptional. The follow up and continuous update on happenings in the school through the use of modern technology (whatssaap and facebook) is just too much above board’

‘I say a big thank you to the Pastor and his staff for delivering this enormous success OF SENDING THE STUDENTS TO READ PRESTIGIOUS COURSES IN WORLD TOP RATED UNIVERSITIES IN CANADA at a very minimal cost when compared to other institution in the country.
EAC remain the best of the very best.
Tonwe eyimisan david (Parent)

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