What does IELTS mean?

The International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is a standardized test for non-native English language speakers. It tests their competence in the English language! 

The British Council IELTS has proven valuable especially for people desiring to work, study or migrate abroad, especially to English-speaking countries.

The IELTS has two modules: General and Academic.

The General Module is for people who are moving to English-speaking countries for the purpose of work while the Academic Module is for people who are moving for the purpose of study.

In addition, The IELTS has 4 components which are divided into the Receptive skills and Productive skills. The receptive Skills include Listening and Reading:

  1. Listening: 40 mins. It consists of 4 parts which are arranged in increasing order of difficulty. It requires you to listen to audios and answer the questions that follow which are about 40 in number.
  2. Reading: Depending on if it’s a General or Academic test, this has 3 parts containing texts/passages in increasing order of difficulty, with follow up questions that you need to answer in 60 mins.

Also, the productive skills include Writing and Speaking:

  1. Writing: You will have two tasks to complete in 60 mins. If it’s a General test, you will have to write a letter (task 1) and then an essay (task 2). If it’s an Academic test, you will have to do a summary (task 1) and then write an essay (task 2). Word limits are included (especially lower word limits).
  2. Speaking: It includes a one-on-one interaction with the examiner. It lasts for about 11-14 mins and may take place the same day as the others or before or after the other exams. It consists of three parts: Brief Introduction, Individual speaking and Discussion. Also note that Score/Grade Range is 0-9 and the grade is valid for 24 months.

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