I got to know about EAC after I was defrauded by someone who promised to help me get admission into the University of Ibadan after the admission window had closed.

I got to U.I, found out I was defrauded, told not to be weary as I could enter through direct entry if I did Alevels and was successful.

The officer assured me of a credible school, and credible it was and still is!

Educational Advancement Centre!
I applied to be a May/June candidate and I got in very late in September.

I was ill when I resumed but thank God for kind teachers, kind colleagues and warm staff members.

I soon became well and grew accustomed to the curriculum.

All the teachers are vast in the various subjects and teach with an interactive approach but Mr Olajide is worthy of mention.

He and three other teachers took us in Sociology where I had an A*.

He not only took time to address our concerns and fears, he helped draw us closer to the only wise one, God.

He made us prayerfully read and face our Cambridge exams while developing our strength of Character.

Walking into Sociology Class was like going to a recreational centre, we knew we would come out better!

That’s the kind of teachers EAC breeds. Can you imagine the Students she fashions?

I entered University of Ibadan, through direct entry, focused and ready for the hard work and discipline, thanks to EAC.

Today I am a lawyer due to the huge investment of all institutions I’ve attented, the great men and women in my Life and most importantly EAC!

To God be the Glory. EAC is a place to grow, learn and unlearn. It positions you for brilliant opportunities in our fast evolving world!

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